If 2011 has proven anything its that the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) matters.
Zach Ryder rose from nearly being released to the US champion and one of the most popular wrestlers in recent memory, mostly due to due to his creative internet antics (Z True Long Island Story, and his petition to get a US title shot)

Internet sensation Daniel Bryan has done the impossible and become World champion.

CM Punk’s classic promo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OS9wZGb_3g ) shared a lot of the typical IWC complaints and it shot him straight to the top of the mountain along with making WWE relevant again (temporarily).

Therefore in homage to CM Punk’s nickname: Voice of the Voiceless, I have decided to make a blog. But unlike most IWC forums, this won’t be about a disgruntled fan complaining about the state of the WWE and professional wrestling, it will be a blog that celebrates it.

There will be  “Lost Gems” posts that celebrate forgotten great matches. In BBC style, I will be posting “No Comment” posts that will be funny or awkward pro wrestling videos/photos/articles. There will also be “Best Ever” posts where I will methodically claim who is the best ever in different aspects of wrestling (luchador, big man, Icon, etc). There will also be many open letters to different personalities in the industry where I will plea on behalf of the IWC for certain causes.

For more than 20 years I have been following professional wrestling. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t watch at least one or two matches. To one degree or another I have followed every major promotion (WWE WCW ECW TNA ROH) through every era (Hulkamania, New Generation, Attitude, PG).

Suggestions, Heel hate mail, and babyface praise is highly encouraged: VoiceoftheVoiceless123@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter: @voiceoftheiwc


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