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Hidden Gems:

The Rock vs Mankind

Rock Bottom PPV




Mick Foley gets a lot heat. Both from other wrestlers and the IWC. Ric Flair has notoriously gone on record calling him a “glorified stunt man”.  Even though to some degree Flair and company have a point, there is no taking away from Foley’s overall talent. He is fantastic on the mic. His overweight (though certainly not a “big man”) and disheveled appearance brings something different to the table. And he was one of the pioneers of making hardcore mainstream. This post goes to all the haters who claim he can’t have a good match without barbed wire and steel chairs.

Mick should hit the gym and face Cody Rhodes or Ziggler at Wrestlemania this year. Give them that great rub that worked with Orton and Edge.

Classic Attitude Era red hot crowd, numerous false finishes, and the Rock in excellent form. This is just one of many great PPV main events featuring Foley that people seemingly have forgotten.