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Hidden Gems
Kurt Angle Vs Randy Orton
One Night Stand 2006


The One Night Stand PPVs were for longtime fans a momentary release into the hardcore, badass rated R style of professional wrestling amidst the weekly segments Hornswoggle and the Bella Twins.

This PPV is (rightfully) remember for the John Vs RVD title match and the red hot hostile crowd against Cena. Remember: perhaps the most famous sign in wrestling history: “If Cena wins, we riot”.

Side anecdote. I was at this PPV live in Hammerstein Ballroom and I can attest that without a doubt there would have been a full scale riot if Cena won. I took my brother for his brithday and being the kid that he was, he was decked out in John Cena merchandise. Before we even entered the arena, from the line outside people were yelling profantiy laced anti-Cena comments at my kid brother. It got to the point that when we sat down I was worried for him. I gave him some cash and sent him to the merchandise stands to buy a ECW t-shirt. Upon his return with Tommy Dreamer and RVD printed on his shirt, I stood on my chair and announced to my entire section that my brother has learned the error of his ways and been reborn as a ECW fan. They gave him a nice little pop and proceeded to chant “ECW.”. -Only in professional wrestling.

The underlying theme of these PPVS were the clash of style and philosophies of pro wrestling. Besides the main event, this juxtaposition is beautifully exemplified in our match. The ECW crowd welcome with open arms the realistic, technical in ring savy of Kurt Angle into the ECW brand. And as expected they jeered Orton’s WWE style of being slower paced, and hitting a few signature moves every match. To the point where a fan notoriously punches Orton on the way to the ring (at 0:27).

The match itself is both men doing what they do best (whether you hate it or love it). Angle basks in the crowd’s appreciation of him. And a young Orton is nervous and clearly uncomfortable. The rivalry is interesting in hindsight as Angle has mentioned many times how disrespected he feels about Angle using his move- The Angle Slam.

The fire hot crowd on one of the best PPVs in recent WWE is the icing on the cake.

A match that beautifully exemplifies the clash of wrestling styles often debated by wrestling fans.