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Open Letter to:

Triple H aka Paul Levesque

With Petition!

Dear Paul Levesque Aka HHH,

I know it is the tradition (I.e. annoying habit)of the IWC to play the “armchair booker”.   To sit in their basements and act as if they know how to book a wrestling show better than you, Vince or any other of the infinitely talented bookers at the WWE. And it is very well within your rights to not acknowledge these fans who think they have more knowledge and vision than people who been in the business for 20+ years.

I am not issuing this letter as a disgruntled fan. This is not a formal complaint. Regardless of what I think I think of your decisions and actions in the last few years, I am writing this as a passionate wrestling fan. A fan who has religiously followed professional wrestling  for the entirety of my life. For 20 plus years I have clinged to every match and story line that develops every week.  I am writing this letter as a kid who sat in the live crowd at Madison Square Garden for Summerslam 1998 and watched in amazement as you stole the show (in a card main evented by two of the best of all time at their prime) in your classic ladder match with the Rock. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4r4cwXy_xk)  I am writing this a kid who thought the original Degeneration X was cooler than any rock star or badass celebrities. I am writing this a fan who jumped out of his couch to mark out  when you defended the title against flair on Raw.
But with the Road to WrestleMania imminent, I am compelled to say this:
Mr.Levesque, with all due respect please give someone else a chance.
I think it can be generally agreed that Undertaker’s streak has the most consistently perfectly booked angle in history.
And I acknowledge that you deserve a sendoff/legacy like HBK.  And I will be the first to admit, your match last year with Undertaker was the stuff of legend.  Who didn’t almost shit themselves when you hit the Tombstone and Taker kicked out? (Best encapsulated by JR: “what did we just see?!?”).

And even though it is not acknowledged, you had another classic with the Dead Man at WM X-Seven. But with the Undertakers career on double overtime, we may only have 2 matches left from the big guy. You had your match. AND you had your rematch. Both classics. But its time for a change. If CM Punk proved anything this summer, its that he is worthy of carrying the ball and taking it to the next level. Maybe give him the chance. How about giving the chance to another veteran? Y2J is the perfect person to work around Undertaker’s age/injuries. Maybe reopen negotiations with Sting and give us one of the last Attitude era dream matches we never got to see?

I’d like to think that next year this spot is reserved for (fingers crossed- heel) Cena. So this is more or less everybody else’s  last chance at breaking the streak.

Where would this leave you for WM? You have plenty of choices.Make the Miz’s career and finish off your rivalry from last year in a one on one. Or have a WrestleMania rematch with your friend Sheamus. The last match was underratedly great and the program never really finished. How about retiring Mick Foley in a hardcore match?

At the very least, if I haven’t convinced you, mix it up a little bit. As nice as it would be to put HBK back in a ring that is not enough, maybe make it a triple threat or fatal four way with some other hungry talent?

I can’t be the only wrestling addict to be this passionate about this. So I have decided to pull a Zach Ryder and make a online petition.


HHH, you have proven that once you step into the ring you are “that damn good”. There is nothing left to prove. Please give someone else a shot.

Very respectfully yours,

The Voice of the IWC

* To the IWC I implore you to click on this link and sign the petition before it is too late!